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Robbie Smith – osteopath

I am a qualified osteopath and medical acupuncturist. I initially trained as a zoologist and have an interest in human and animal evolution and bio-mechanics. I have a special interest in how the body is designed to move, the impact that modern sedentary lifestyles and postures has on this and the resulting problems.

Since qualifying as an osteopath in 2003 I have been studying the most effective treatment techniques from western and eastern manual medical disciplines in order to best achieve my objective as an osteopath – to correct poor body function, remove pain and stiffness and restore health.

From this I developed the harmonic motion model. The idea was to create a bodywork therapy that actually got to the root cause of the muscle tightness and could resolve it from within. I then realised that in order for the results to be lasting I needed to follow this up by changing the active movements and FIXT was the result.

Like all Osteopaths I am fully trained, insured and accepted by most health insurance providers.

Daniel Heller

Daniel has a Masters of Science in Strength & Conditioning from the University of Edinburgh and works as in private practice and as a lecturer in Strength and Conditioning at the Bastir University in Seattle, Washington.

Daniel is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA and has served as a strength and conditioning coach in the private sector, helping athletes from youth through college level in ice hockey, figure skating, mountain biking, football, and motocross since 2009. Daniel was the exercise physiology, biomechanics, and kinesiology consultant for the Advanced Products Development Team at Oakley Inc. He is the Co-founder and Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at Seattle Institute of Athletic Performance providing corrective exercises and athletic performance programs, as well as educating athletes and parents on the importance of long term athletic development. Daniel’s passion for strength and conditioning stems from his days as a competitive ice hockey player and mountain biker, aside from the many recreational sports in which he participates.