harmonic re-abilitation

Undo unwanted tension habits and learn fundamentals of healthy movement

Learn harmonic techniques

Harmonic techniques can be learnt by already qualified and currently insured therapists if you have at least an ITEC or equivalent NVQ Level 3 in A&P and Massage.


Overview of the course

Harmonic massage brings a new approach to traditional massage by integrating it with the benefits of passive motion. Harmonic Massage should be used as a tool to help create full body relaxation and good functional movement. It utilises several recognised neuromuscular phenomena and rhythmic oscillations to create whole body balance in resting muscle tone. It can also be used as a clinical tool to facilitate repair following soft tissue injury.

The practitioner will be introduced to the application of motion in a biological setting, the concept of biotensegrity and the concept of myofascial meridians.

The majority of the course will be practical based. At the end of the course the student should be competent with the basics of the practical application of harmonic motion.

Next Course: 26th, 27th Jan 2019

Length: 2 Days
Cost: £150

Wear: Comfortable clothes.

Bring: A good sense of rhythm

This course is suitable for qualified therapists only, with ITEC or equivalent NVQ Level 3 in A&P and Massage. You must sign a form to confirm that you hold A&P and Massage qualifications as required and are professionally insured.  This course is fully insurable so will count towards you annual CPD points.

view a flier of the course below:

flier_HRM 2 days