harmonic motion

Learn to feel movement

Learn harmonic techniques

We run 2 courses: for hands on therapists and for hands off trainers

Harmonic techniques for hands on therapists can be learnt by already qualified and currently insured therapists if you have at least an ITEC or equivalent NVQ Level 3 in A&P and Massage.

flier_HRM 2 days

For hands off trainers there is a pre-requisite of a recognised and insurable personal trainer qualification equivalent to REPs level 3.


For those qualified in both (Sports Therapists) you can choose which pathway to follow.

Next Course: 22nd, 23rd June 2019

Length: 2 Days
Cost: £150

Wear: Comfortable clothes.

Bring: A good sense of rhythm

Overview of the course:  On day one everyone will learn together the idea and feel behind the concept.  On day 2 hands on and hands off will split to integrate the concept into either body work or exercises.  If you are both you can decide which to do.  I would recommend the hands on.  We will run one day either/or follow up courses on which you can learn or refresh the other.

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18b Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, EH2 4DF

Tel: 0772 584 4000

Email: info@harmonicosteopathy.com

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