harmonic re-abilitation

Undo unwanted tension habits and learn fundamentals of healthy movement

Why are we so stiff?

Babies and infants can move with ease, they haven’t learned to be stiff.  Adults should be able to move with ease also, except they have learned to be stiff.

Tension and movement are both learned behaviours and can be learned incorrectly.  Tension can build up from habits that require the muscles to be clenched, like static postures, repetitive movements or emotional stress.  These clenched muscles then inhibit free movement.  Movement is then learned incorrectly.

Movement involving an activity, like tennis for example, is a skill and must also be learned.  Incorrect movement skills force the body to compensate.  This is then sub optimal movement that is prone to injury.

At Harmonic clinics we will teach you how to undo the poor learned habits and re-learn good habits and skills regardless of the task.  Whether it be to remove unwanted tension or learn a movement fundamental to a particular sport, anything from running, to archery to tennis or golf.

Our methodology is unique in that it teaches you to make the changes, this gives more effective , longer lasting results.  Instead of pressing hard into sore muscles with our elbows or stretching you repeatedly we will move you passively so you can feel where the tension or ‘knot’ or restriction is and release it yourself.  Once you are moving freely we will assist you to learn the effortless movements yourself.  Once this is achieved strength or endurance can be built.  No therabands or outdated single muscle strength exercises or in vogue ‘functional exercises’, just real life movements that you use everyday.

How does Harmonic Massage work?

Harmonic massage is a new form of massage that combines all the benefits of standard soft tissue massage with rhythmic oscillatory movements. It has been developed from proven techniques used in Osteopathy that tap into the nervous system to give a deeper sense of unclenching and relaxing of the muscles than standard massage. It teaches the neurological control of the muscle to relearn how to relax. This gives a more lasting result. The combination of rhythmic oscillations and physical massage techniques help to re-balance the alignment of the body. The aim is to relax, relearn and rebalance. It is probably the most effective non pharmaceutical way of relieving muscular aches and tension patterns.

How does FIXT work?

Once you have re-gained the potential to move you need to re-learn to actually move.  The techniques used guide and assist you through whatever movements you do every day, from walking, getting out of a chair to specific skills for sport and exercise.  The principle is the same for any movement.  Once you have the movement skill then and only then should strength and endurance be added.