harmonic motion

Learn to feel movement

what happens at each session?

Initial session

This depends on why you have got in touch.  We need to understand your needs and so the initial session will be taken with our osteopath Robbie and will include a physical examination.  We may put you through some movements or just palpate what the muscles feel like.  If there is any pain then a more thorough examination would be required and specific Osteopathic treatment or referral to a different specialist would be recommended.

Osteopaths are trained in medical orthopaedics and we believe it is a good idea to have a proper assessment before commencing a course of therapy. This will enable us, together, to work out the cause of the tension the most appropriate therapeutic plan. You will then be introduced to the concept of actively unclenching your tensions and the harmonic movement.

In order to achieve the best result the massage therapy follows a two step programme. Any muscle must be unclenched before it is massaged. Massaging a clenched muscle will often cause the muscle to clench further. Once the muscle is unclenched the massaging will help to create a soft, elastic and flexible muscle.

Step 1: Active unclenching. Most tense muscles are active, they are being held in a state of semi clenching. This becomes a subconscious behaviour that needs to be reversed. Step 1 of the programme will help you to relearn how to unclench any muscles that are held subconsciously clenched.

Step 2: Passive softening. Muscles that are hard become dehydrated and stiff. This is the physical property of the muscle. Oscillatory massage techniques will soften and lubricate the muscles to create suppleness and flexibility.

If a FIXT seesion is required or requested strength or flexibility exercises are then added in order to build on the fully relaxed and supple base.

Subsequent sessions

The subsequent sessions will follow on from what was learnt and found at the initial session. If step 1 is successful most of the session will be step 2, rhythmic oscillatory massaging to maintain suppleness. There will always be some degree of subconscious clenching built up between sessions.

The sessions take 40 or 80 minutes. A 40 minute session will most concentrate on step (active unclenching).  in order for a full 2 step session 80 minutes is recommended.

A FIXT session generally has specific exercises running concurrently alongside step 1 and can be incorporated into a 60 or 80 minute session.