harmonic motion

Learn to feel movement

Our 2-day Harmonic Massage and Training Course introduces practitioners primarily from massage and personal training fields to a theory of massage and exercise that can easily be added into their current treating and training repertoires.


Massage therapists are often trying to reduce passive tone in muscles.  This should, in turn, improve movement.  Trainers often strive to achieve optimum movement in their clients, whether this is movement patterns or increasing range of movement.

This course will teach you how to feel movement, whether good or bad.  You will be able to determine where in the chain is the restriction (it is often not where it should be) and whether it is physical, i.e. adhesion or shortening, or behavioural, i.e. habitual tension.

With this knowledge you will learn how to encourage your client to feel it, remove it and then move with ease.

Why is it unique?

We teach you to feel movement.  Movement is unique.  It cannot be mapped or structured.  There are infinite possibilities.  All movements are slightly different than each other.  To map or predict a movement removes this uniqueness.  Movement becomes robotic, not supple.  By feeling restrictions and removing them movement will become supple and adaptable.

Good movement is dependent on all parts of the soft tissue matrix working together.  When movement in one area is restricted another area must take up the slack.  This may cause another area to over work or to work under increased strain. The end result is an increase in the potential for damage and or pain. If movement is free and supple there will be no weaknesses.