harmonic re-abilitation

Undo unwanted tension habits and learn fundamentals of healthy movement

What is Harmonic Treatment?

Harmonic re-abilitation Edinburgh is a unique, state of the art, massage and movement based way of treating soft tissue problems.  re-abilitate your body by undoing unwanted tension habits and learn to move with minimal effort.

relieve stress, ache and tension in the muscles and restore full flexibility and suppleness with harmonic osteopathic massage……


……then learn effortless movement upon which to build strength and endurance with FIXT, a bespoke personal exercise and training regime.


People have come to us for a range of different ailments.  If it is just to relax your aching muscles or if you have a complicated pain pattern or tension and stiffness, old or recurring sports injury, post op rehab or anything in between.

We tailor treatments to individuals, each person has a unique set of circumstances that has brought them to this stage and we will adapt the treatment plan accordingly.

If you think Harmonic Treatments would benefit you (and we do) please get in touch.